Six Ways of Breathing
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thinking about your breathing

For as long as we are alive, we are guaranteed to keep breathing whether we think about it much or not: no matter what we do or do not do, think or do not think, we will keep right on breathing. But just as with any other aspect related to our normal body function, most of us are likely to only really think about what is happening to us when we notice a problem or difficulty: we are out of breath or having to breathe extra hard or feel our breath racing away on us or need to stop and catch our breath or to get our breath back.

Perhaps normal breathing is a bit like the way we tend to think about silence and not talking, a kind of nothing, or, at best, a neutral state that is primarily inactive and passive.

But, just as silence and not saying anything can be one of the most potent, active and consciously vital actions we can bring to our encounters and the people we engage with, so, too, can breathing be one of the most enlivening, empowering, sustaining, and rebalancing actions we can take.

Rather than an absence of action, our ability to be silent effectively and productively demands that we learn how to be skilled, alert and attentive listeners. We also need to learn how to become expert at breathing.

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January 2012

The First Way - Breathing to Feel More Alive, Whole & Connected
Ideas and Everyday Breathing Exercises
drawn particularly from the ideas of Stewart Pearce in his book,
The Alchemy of Voice – transform and enrich your life through

The Second Way - Breathing for Renewal
Ideas and Exercises for Taking Time Out to Breathe
drawn particularly from our creative training work aimed at helping people in
different organisations and careers to be happier
at work, especially the principles of Appreciative Inquiry

The Third Way - Breathing for Recovery
Ideas and Exercises for Building Resilience and Regaining Balance
drawn particularly from the latest book by His Holiness The Dalai Lama,
Beyond Religion – ethics for a whole world

The Fourth Way - Breathing Ideas Into Life
Ideas and Exercises to Ignite New Ideas and Trust Unconscious Thinking
drawn particularly from Guy Claxton’s ideas about the importance of our
unconscious for creativity from his book, Hare Brain,
Tortoise Mind – why intelligence increases when you think less

The Fifth Way - Breathing for Presence
Ideas and Exercises to help Build Confidence and Presence
drawn particularly from the work of Royal National Theatre’s founder
voice coach Patsy Rodenburg’s latest book,
Presence – how to use positive energy for success

The Sixth Way - Breathing for Creative Collaborations
Ideas and Exercises to Help Unleash and Harness your Creativity in Groups
drawn particularly from Peter Senge’s ideas on The Power of Presence
When did you last think about your breathing?

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