9th Principle of Happiness At Work:

• There is no one right way to happiness. Different things will work for different people at different times. And Happiness At Work, just like learning, is more a continuous ongoing practice of increasing mastery rather than an end or finishing point.

In our contemporary world, where we all have the recognised right to be happy is taken as a given, we can easily be seduced into believing our happiness will be finally realised by the next dream holiday, dream home, dream relationship, dream job, dream project.

It is very easy to feel that we must be a real failure when we don’t feel as happy as think we should or deserve to be. Either this, or the heartless hardness of the world around us must be completely against us.

The happiness literature provides a vast and sometimes overwhelming barrage of advice, formulae, statistics, frameworks and certainties. Most happiness writers will want us to believe that they have the one true answer we should follow to find happiness. This is unlikely. If we attempted to follow all of it we would surely make ourselves crazy.

There is not one solution for the many of us. There is not even one completely right solution for any single one of us. But there are almost certainly some things can help each of us to be Happier At Work.