6th Principle of Happiness At Work:

• Our happiness depends much more upon how we think about our work than it does on how our work actually is.

Wealth, health, education, seniority, work role, gender and other circumstances of our work situation matter very little to our actual happiness. How we think about our situation matters much, much more than whatever our actual circumstances.

In fact one formula suggests that nearly half of our sense of happiness comes from the voluntary free choices we make irrespective of our circumstances, which count for only 8% of our happiness.

Choosing how we look at our situation has a huge impact on how much control and choice we can find to influence our situations, and this turns out to fundamental to our Happiness At Work in ways that are far more resilient and reliable and sustainable than any external factors such as our actual job, our boss, the people we work with, our pay and benefits or even our workload.

People who know how to be happy are just as likely to feel happy during times of great stress or hardship as they do during less difficult times.