2nd Principle of Happiness At Work:

"Happiness hits year-long low amongst UK workers"

11 Feb 2011 A quarter (22.8%) of UK workers are unhappy in their current job,
and would not recommend their employer (27%) - according to new research…

• We all know how happy we are (or are not).

The huge majority of us expect to be happy at work. Unfortunately a very large percentage of us are not.

Whatever measurements are used, we are all already expert at identifying our own level of happiness. And we will each decide for ourselves whether any form or happiness score (such as satisfaction ratings) are telling the truth or not.

The most important starting point for developing our own happiness is probably to ask ourselves: what makes me happy at work? what else? what else? what else?

The more we know about what helps to make us – or our people - happy the more likely it is that we will be able to make these conditions happen.