1st Principle of Happiness At Work:

• Developing our own happiness will bring us greater success than trying to be more successful will ever increase our sense of happiness.

Most of us have grown up with the belief that if we work hard and long enough we will achieve certain levels of success, and this in turn will bring us happiness. In fact there are many examples of where neither of these expectations have turned out to be true: we work exceptionally hard and long but still fail to achieve our goals, or we do achieve what we want but find that it fails to make us as happy as we expected to be. On the other hand, more and more research results are showing that the reverse is a reliable and consistent guarantee: happy people achieve more. It is therefore far more important for us to work to develop our happiness as our primary focus for our success – as individuals, in our teams, as organisations. And perhaps, as the Kingdom of Bhutan will next advocate to world leaders at a United Nations conference in New York, even as a whole interconnected and interdependent world.