Happiness at Work

here are
some of the most important principles we recommend as worth adopting to become
Happy At Work:

1st Principle of Happiness At Work:
• Developing our own happiness will bring us greater success than trying to be more successful will ever increase our sense of happiness.

2nd Principle of Happiness At Work:
• We all know how happy we are (or are not).

3rd Principle of Happiness At Work:
• Happiness can be learned.

4th Principle of Happiness At Work:
• Happiness relies upon a good level of self-understanding.

5th Principle of Happiness At Work:
• Happy relationships are absolutely critical to our happiness.

6th Principle of Happiness At Work:
• Our happiness depends much more upon how we think about our work than it does on how our work actually is.

7th Principle of Happiness At Work:
• We can increase our Happiness At Work by developing expertise in specific skills, especially ...

8th Principle of Happiness At Work:
• We find what we go looking for.

9th Principle of Happiness At Work:
• There is no one right way to happiness. Different things will work for different people at different times. And Happiness At Work, just like learning, is more a continuous ongoing practice of increasing mastery rather than an end or finishing point.

There are now a rich variety of practical, usable and very worthwhile ideas, techniques and approaches to explore and learn from and adapt and try out and incorporate into what we already know about being happy.

And the more we study happiness the more we believe that we can all learn and profit from much that this area of development has to offer us – both to become happier and to become more effective and successful.

Being good at making our own happiness won’t make us Happy At Work all of the time. But it will help to us to be more happy more of the time, and thus more able, involved, appreciated and successful more often.
We will continue to bring you some of what we believe are the best of the ideas we find.

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