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** People with sunny dispositions are more likely to get a degree, get hired, and get promoted**
** The effect of individual happiness on income is greater than income on happiness**

Happy adolescents 'likely to have higher income' as adults
Research finds link between upbeat personalities and earnings
The Observer, Sunday 25 March 2012

Here is the latest in the growing evidence that shows more and more convincingly that

success comes from being happy

not the other way around.

The results described in this article from economists Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve of University College London and Professor Andrew Oswald of Warwick University suggesting that ‘happy adolescents are more likely to have higher income as adults’ are consistent with contemporary Happiness At Work research results, which similarly shows that

people who are happy at work achieve more and enjoy greater success,
not the other way around.

If we start adopting this tenet, as these researchers are urging policy makers to do, a rich and abundant variety of possibilities opens up for all of us...
...as individuals to work on for ourselves,
...as managers to incorporate and use to guide our leadership,
...as teams to incorporate into our existing team working practices, and
...as organisations to develop the best conditions, culture and working practices for helping people to be happier at work.

There are an enormous array of practical ideas, techniques and approaches on offer to help us become Happier At Work - and happier in life - from across the increasingly inter-disciplinary fields of positive psychology, philosophy, organisational development, new economics, neuroscience, social sciences, and art and literature.

Happiness Makes Your Brain Work Better
Harvard psychology researcher Shawn Achor explains that rather than thinking of success as the source of happiness, we should think of happiness as a source of success - and one that's more under our control than we imagine.

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